Customer service course

Yet another rant about our 'thoughtful, caring bus drivers.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 6:07 am
Updated Friday, 18th March 2016, 6:11 am
city centre buses

On my way home from Sheffield yesterday, March 14, on the 120, we pulled up behind another 120 at Manor Top bus stop.

The bus in front was obviously making up time by just sitting there for a few minutes.

Two elderly ladies were waiting for another bus to arrive.

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After a while they started walking past the 120 buses to catch one that had pulled up behind ours.

As they got level with me, about halfway down the second 120, the bus they wanted pulled out and set off.

The two ladies tried to attract the driver’s attention to stop with no effect. As it passed our bus I could see it was the number 40 to Handsworth and one of the women could be heard saying they would have to wait another half an hour for the next one.

This happened at 11.20 so the bus company should be able to find out who the driver was and ask him why he didn’t check if anyone was waiting for his bus?

Why our driver didn’t motion for him to stop I don’t know, because he must have seen and heard the women.

I think some drivers could do with a course in customer service.


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