Cup bid cash refund call

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CALLS have been made by a senior Sheffield councillor for the Football Association to recover costs of the failed 2018 World Cup bid - including £250,000 spent by the council - after recent corruption claims against FIFA, the sport’s world governing body.

Allegations made include bribery in return for votes when members of the body decided which countries should host the tournament.

Lib Dem opposition leader, Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, said: “Hosting the World Cup would have been a historic event for Sheffield and great economic boost to the city. That’s why we whole-heartedly supported the bid and it was a great disappointment when England lost out.

“Given the recent scandals within FIFA, it has become clear that we were not bidding on a level playing field. I strongly believe that the FA should recover the cost of the bid so that Sheffield’s taxpayers are fully refunded.”

As a host city, Sheffield had been required to contribute towards the cost of the unsuccessful bid.