Cull nonsense

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Hector Andrew, (Star Letters, April 2) says that stopping the southern badger cull will allow TB in cattle to continue.

Wrong! The only ones to believe this are David Cameron and a few ignorant mates of his in the NFU. The vast majority of scientists, investigators, ecologists, the Welsh Government and most members of the British parliament (including many Tories) know that the cull will not contribute to reducing TB

Mr Andrew informs us that badgers in Australia and New Zealand are killing laying hens.

Quite an achievement considering there are no badgers at all in Australia or New Zealand.

If there were, and if all of them were eating poultry instead of the usual worms, the owners would just need to lock up the hens at night like we do in the UK.

His next assertion is that bovine TB has decreased where the culls took place. This was being claimed by the NFU even before the gunsmoke had cleared.

And their justification? “Farmers we have spoken to have a gut feeling...” That is their best scientific argument to counter the masses of evidence to which the Government close their eyes because they dare not lose face with an election imminent.

I could be generous and accept as clumsy grammar Mr Andrew’s strange claim to have heard hedgehogs sing, but considering the rest of his claims I’m not so sure.

And to finish, he states that there is not much fun seeing badgers in the car headlights. Wrong again Mr Andrew, there is!


For South Yorkshire Badger Group