Crystal Peaks should consider their neighbours

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Crystal Peaks Management changed their parking policy for staff about a year ago and the change has been causing real problems for local residents since then.

I understand that staff from Crystal Peaks are simply trying to park so they can get to work.

The problem is that they are not being allowed to park at their place of work (as they used to) within the Crystal Peaks complex during peak hours which means they have no choice but to park on nearby streets.

This policy impacts greatly on the local community, making access to properties difficult for care workers, medical or social visits and deliveries. In a more serious situation or an ambulance of fire engine being required the delay that congested side roads could cause is a real concern.

Crystal Peaks is the main shopping complex for the majority of residents in the Beighton and Mosborough area. It offers a good selection of shops, an indoor market which is good for the area giving people choice and employment. However, where is their sense of being a good neighbour to the immediate community they serve, the people who live on the Flower Estate in Beighton?

As a local councillor for the Beighton, Sothall and Drakehouse area I would like to ask them to consider this policy and to scrap it.

Good business is about reputation and relationships. Please consider your neighbours who are also your customers.

Coun Helen Mirfin-Boukouris

Member for Beighton Ward