Crystal Peaks can kiss goodbye to my business

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Earlier this year I parked in the lower car park at Crystal Peaks and I drove out about 45 minutes later at 12.45.

I then went shopping elsewhere and collected my granddaughter from work at 4pm. We returned to Peaks at about 4.15pm and left at 5.01.

I have been precise about the last time because some weeks later I received a parking ticket from UKPC saying I had been in Peaks for 4 hours and 45 minutes.

Thanks to bank transactions and receipts I was able to prove I was not in the car park as they stated. Trying to obtain this proof it became obvious there is a problem with the cameras in the car park.

A friend received a ticket for the same thing five months later.

I even came across a member of staff at one of the businesses in the centre who received a ticket for being parked for two days when in fact he had gone home and returned for work the following day.

But the worst thing is that my friend was told by UKPC that ‘they would cancel the ticket as a gesture of goodwill’.

He also had proof he left the car park and returned far later than the notices advise.

I didn’t even warrant a reply.

I think it’s about time these companies pay compensation when it can be proved they are in the wrong.

As for Crystal Peaks, they can kiss goodbye to mine and many other people’s business.