Crying foul about bins and dog mess in Sheffield

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SHEFFIELD Council bosses have apologised over the state of dog mess bins in a city park that were left overflowing.

A resident complained to the authority about the state of bins in Stannington Park and also about dog mess left around the park because owners had not cleared up.

Resident Ann Benn wrote to Sheffield Council and also copied in her MP, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

She included photographs to illustrate the problem.

In her letter, she wrote: “I would like to say the attached photos are a rare occurrence in Stannington Park, but I would be lying.

“The rose garden, which people believe belongs to us, at the side of our property is a disgrace.

“I can assure you if it was ours it wouldn’t look like that.

“Continuous calls to the relevant council department are a waste of time.

“We shouldn’t have to remind well-paid council officials to carry out their jobs.”

Mrs Benn added: “As for the dog mess bin, it’s a health hazard as well as unsightly.

“It should not be left to become overflowing.

“We are encouraged to pick up after our dogs, which most people do or face a fine.

“Sheffield Council need to practice what they preach, smarten up and stop making excuses.”

Mr Clegg raised concerns with the council on her behalf and The Star asked what action had been taken about the problem.

The authority has pledged to improve the way that Stannington Park is looked after in the future following the complaint from Mrs Benn.

David Hargate, Sheffield Council’s head of parks and public realm, said: “We are very sorry for the bins not being emptied as usual, but there were issues due to staff resources at that time.

“The bins were emptied shortly after the complaint was received.

And he assured residents: “We will ensure that they are checked at regular intervals in the future.”