Cruelty that defies belief

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SADLY, this newspaper has reported many times on sickening attacks on animals, but the story on the front page is one of the worst we have experienced.

Detectives, local residents and animal welfare organisations are struggling to come to terms with the violence meted out on this dog which was then tied to a tree and burned.

Officers believe the poor animal suffered terribly before it met its death.

They are still trying to find the owner.

We join with them in calling for anyone who has any knowledge of such a heinous act to come forward and help catch the culprit.

Time to halt cuts to police officers

CUTTING police officer numbers is always a dangerous game to play.

So when new figures reveal there are 178 fewer police officers in South Yorkshire today than three years ago, the alarm bells sound.

That noise becomes deafening when we learn that the figures, in a report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, reveal that by March 2015 South Yorkshire Police will have lost 436 officers.

Surely that is too many?

It’s no wonder Barnsley East Labour MP Michael Dugher describes the situation as extremely worrying because it must make it harder for the police to catch criminals and deliver justice.

We accept that the police have to make their share of efficiencies. But to lose 20 per cent of officers seems a cut too far.

The Chief Constable and police teams across South Yorkshire can only do so much with limited resources and unless the process is reviewed our chances of seeing a bobby on the beat would appear to be remote.

Not right for city

WHY on earth would Sheffield want to approve a lap dancing club in its city centre?

The city needs to encourage a night-time economy that is welcoming to couples and families - a lap dancing club would be neither.

Thankfully councillors have found strong enough planning grounds to reject the application, apparently moral grounds would not count on appeal.

It is proven through research that men leaving lap dancing clubs tend to be more stimulated and look at women differently and especially younger women dressed up on a night out.

There is no place for a lap dancing club in our city centre and it would be damaging to our image.