Cruelty must be ended

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We’re supposed to be a nation of animal lovers but that’s hard to believe when charities set up to help neglected and abandoned pets are so in demand.

Unfortunately our area never comes out particularly well in surveys where animal mistreatment is most common.

Today we tell the story of just three of the desperate dogs which needed urgent care after they were taken in by South Yorkshire charity Rain Rescue.

Big-hearted animal lovers already give generously to help out but there’s a limit to how much people can contribute.

It seems odd that anyone can want to intentionally hurt a family pet – or any animal for that matter – for pleasure.

There is also the issue of pets being brought into homes when the owners don’t have the resources to care for them properly.

Often we report on a case of animal cruelty. Today RSPCA say they fear an animal-hater could be poisoning cats after five died in Rotherham inside a fortnight.

Better checks on those who are supposed to be caring for animals and stiffer punishment and bans for those caught mistreating them are some of the steps that could be taken. The charities are working hard to do their bit and so should the authorities.