Cruelty is slur on reputation

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ONCE more the unacceptable face of cruelty has reared its head in South Yorkshire with news that more cases than ever are being reported to the RSPCA in our county.

During the last year, the animal welfare charity dealt with a staggering 1,300,000 calls to its national control room, which is based in Rotherham. In that same period, it also dealt with a 10 per cent increase in the number of cases which came to light here in South Yorkshire.

Of those, 78 local individuals were reported to the RSPCA’s prosecutions department because of the severity of the cruelty shown to animals.

This is a slur on our reputation as a caring nation and we believe every right-thinking reader will share our outright indignation at the disclosure of how cruel people can be towards animals.

However, it is encouraging to learn that 41 of those cases were taken to court and the RSPCA was successful in the prosecution.

This ought to be sound a stern warning to anyone tempted to neglect or abuse animals. We certainly hope so.

Worried floods may strike again

WE are entering a critical time for people and businesses living with the prospect of their lives being torn apart should the floods of 2007 return.

For an agreement between the insurance industry and the Government, which saw flood-threatened properties given extra protection, is starting to wind down.

There needs to be something in its place, particularly for Sheffield people as there is deep concern that the defences against flood water are sorely inadequate.

The floods hit something like 1,200 homes and 1,000 businesses in Sheffield so we know only too well the cost of such a catastrophe.

We hope that the authorities take note of the unease being felt in Sheffield and respond.

Rise to challenge

YOU have to admit that snooker legend Steve Davis is a good more ways than one. After notching up no fewer than six world championships to his name, he became a much loved household name. And now he is to stride out in a brand new sporting challenge – running the Sheffield Half Marathon to raise money for the Paul Hunter Fondation, which was set up in memory of the young player who died of leukaemia six years ago. It’s a great cause so please rise to the challenge and support him.