Cruel slaughter

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I TOTALLY agree with Marlene Guest who wrote about the ritual slaughter of animals. It is a very cruel method.

Many people would be horrified to see how animals suffer. I watched a short clip of halal slaughter on the internet recently and it left me in tears. I cannot believe that it is allowed in our country. If we are all silent in case we offend, nothing will ever change.

J Horton

Wake up over fuel allowances

I AM starting to wonder just how stupid some people are in our country.

D Marshall of Stannington should realise it’s very simple to understand: winter fuel Allowance isn’t the same as state pension which you work for and contributed towards by paying your stamps and are entitled to anywhere in the world. It was given as a gift to heat the homes of British pensioners, here in the UK.

It has nothing to do with how many years you have worked. You wouldn’t expect to get a food parcel or hamper delivered from any charity in the UK to your villa in Cyprus etc at Christmas, would you?

Please wake up!

Abagail Dewhurst, Chapeltown

I shake my head in disbelief at the stupidity of some British citizens, like the letter writer who thinks because he or she has worked all their life, they should still get their Winter Fuel Allowance if they move to warmer climates. It was given as a generous gift by the previous Labour government. It has nothing to do with how many years you have worked. And what does the letter writer think he would do with his free bus pass in Spain? The only thing you work and contribute to is state pension and not fuel allowance.

Gabriel Kate Adams, Gleadless

We had borstals

from the 40s to the 60s not only did Britain have ten times less crime than today, we had the lowest crime rate on Earth. Why? Back then we had capital and corporal punishment, longer sentences, mental health hospitals (a tenth of prisoners have mental health problems), borstals, weekend detention centres and they all worked. But past governments decided they cost too much.

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