Crucial review that anglers need to read

With the river closed season now underway it would not be unreasonable to expect an upturn in the weather but the jury still appears to be out on that score.

Very few anglers attempted to fish rivers in the final days as they were rising rapidly to the point of being dangerous.

The Trent came up so fast that several anglers were taken unaware in the Newark area as the water lapped over the bank and literally came up behind them.

Images on social media depicting anglers’ cars and equipment surrounded by water showed just how quickly these situations can get out of hand.

Alas that’s your lot as far as dedicated river anglers are concerned until the 16th June.

If you spot anglers fishing rivers between now and then with coarse fishing tackle then they are more than likely breaking the law and you can report the incident by calling 0800 80 70 60.

If you are able to take a photograph discretely, especially if you can identify the vehicle/s being used then it will go a long way towards a successful intervention.

It could well be that this is the last closed season we will have to suffer.

The Environment Agency will shortly publish a scientific review into the closed season. It is every angler’s interest to read and understand the findings as license holders will be given a vote on what happens next.

The Angling Trust web site has published 3 well-written pieces each supporting the case for retention (broadcaster Keith Arthur), amendment (myself) or abolition (England Matchman Darren Cox).

It is hoped these will help you decide but it will be your decision. The Angling Trust is vowing to remain completely impartial and will support the majority view.

You can find the articles here:

Floods didn’t affect the commercial fisheries but the ‘Beast From The East 2’ that followed on its heels certainly did with many folk unable to even get off their drives, side streets and estates.

The roads were treacherous at times but some of you are made of pretty stern stuff. Or maybe you are just mad!

Let’s hope the next few weeks we will see a little sunshine because we are rapidly approaching the time when there will be a massive upturn in club match activity. The run-up to our eagerly awaited Club Match Angler semi finals begins next week, too.