Crowle woman hurt in fall

A thoughtless dog owner who left their animal’s mess on a Crowle pavement caused one elderly resident to fall and injure herself.

Sunday, 21st September 2014, 6:00 am
NPOC - Dog fouling

Edith Johnston, 78, was so annoyed at walking out of her Fieldside home to see a dog had fouled right outside that she took it upon herself to clean it up.

Unfortunately, as she did so she fell and hurt her leg.

A warning is now being issued for dog owners to be more responsible.

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Edith said: “It is about time people learned to clean up their dog’s mess. It is irresponsible to just leave it for others to clean up or walk in. There are health risks, particularly among children, and I just can’t understand people who happily let their dog do it’s business and don’t bother picking it up. There are plenty of dog bins to put it in. If people could just use a bit of common sense, we wouldn’t need to complain. I was left with no option but to pick it up as it was left right outside my house. But it shouldn’t be me that has to pick it up, it should be the owners.

North Lincolnshire Council’s deputy leader Coun John Briggs said: “We rely on the public to let us know about dog fouling to enable us to prosecute irresponsible dog owners. But this can be difficult, especially if you don’t actually see it happen.

“If you do see it happen, please report it to us, giving as many details as possible, as only then are we able to do something about it.

“Not only is it unsightly, it is dangerous too. This is just one incident reported to me about the problems of dog fouling in Crowle. It has to stop before someone does some serious damage. This lady had a lucky escape, but the next person might not be so lucky.”

If anyone knows of anyone who regularly lets their dog foul in a public place, please report it at site.

Evidence is needed. If the dog walker regularly goes past your property and doesn’t clean up their dog’s mess, if NLC is informed an officer will be sent out to speak to them. Likewise if anyone witnesses this happening in a park or open space.