Crowdfunding campaign launched to relocate Sheffield sculpture

The Heavy Plant sculpture
The Heavy Plant sculpture
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A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to rebuild and relocate a saved sculpture marking Sheffield’s industrial heritage.

Heavy Plant, originally erected in 1988 in an Arundel Street car park, was due to be knocked down last year as part of redevelopment work but was saved by campaigners.

The sculpture was taken down and moved to Kelham Island Museum last August.

Campaigners said they need to raise £15,000 to rebuild and relocate the artwork elsewhere in the city.

Built by sculptor David Kemp, Heavy Plant takes the form of a furnace. The sculpture stands 18ft high and is built from recycled debris that Mr Kemp found on Sheffield’s derelict industrial sites.

He used material from local toolmakers and cutlers, old factory windows and even bits of defunct machinery.

Sarah Hill, who started the campaign, said: “I have long been a fan of Heavy Plant and was very sad to witness its dilapidation and hear of its possible demise.

“For the past 18 years I have been coming to Sheffield for the annual Sheffield documentary festival.

“Every year I would visit the sculpture, take photos and introduce others to it.

“I love its wit and charm. The fact that it is made of heavy old steel plant materials, made by the hard working men and women of the industrial era, yet it looks like a plant and the top thistle even blows in the wind like long grass.

“I started this campaign to save and relocate this important work.”