Crowdfund for best candidate for role

The totally perverse decision of the Labour Party to ignore Richard Caborn as a candidate in the forthcoming election for a Mayor for the Sheffield City Region potentially deprives the new devolved authority of its best qualified candidate for the role.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 23 February, 2018, 05:40
Richard Caborn.

Given Caborn’s background in high office in Government and his drive and vision in helping to bring to fruition the redevelopment of the former Don Valley Stadium, the reasons reportedly given for ignoring him as a candidate beggar belief.

It is clearly unreasonable to expect Caborn to meet the considerable cost of putting himself forward and, unless some means of helping him in this respect is found, we risk losing out, (to repeat myself), on the best qualified candidate.

On the assumption that Caborn is prepared to stand for election, (and I haven’t heard or seen any indication to the contrary), I wonder whether some form of fund might be set up, (perhaps a crowdfunding arrangement), to which members of the public throughout the Region might be able to contribute.

I assume that such an initiative would not contravene the rules governing the election.

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I would imagine that such a fund would receive support across the party divides.

John Molloy

Holyrood Road, Doncaster, DN2