A crow named Russell has been attacking and terrorising walkers in a Sheffield wood

An unruly crow has been attacking and terrorising people as they walk through a wood in Sheffield.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 10:12 am

Walkers at Brincliffe Edge Wood have complained that they are being regularly preyed upon by the mischievous crow, which they have cleverly named Russell.

One woman posted on Facebook that she had been followed and ‘dive bombed’ four times by the crow, before many others shared similar experiences.

Some have even been injured by the persistent bird with one man suffering a nasty cut to the head.

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Injuries caused by Russell - Pictures: Zara Maun and Sam Howard

Sam Howard said he was walking through the woodland with his girlfriend when he was set upon by Russell.

He said: “Everything seemed normal, nothing amiss. Then the next thing I know I get walloped on the back of the head by what felt like a sack of spuds.

“My girlfriend screamed, I was shocked. We saw a black shadow flying away and assumed it was a one off freak accident by a rogue crow.

“As we warned another passer by about the incident she mentioned the Facebook post.

“Turns out Russell has been terrorising the neighborhood for the last few days!”

Sam said the bleeding has now stopped and he is recovering well at home while Zara Maun had a similar experience.

“My wife Lindsey and I are dog walkers from Dog and Bone Club,” she explained.

“We were walking a small group of three dogs in the top end of of the woods when the angry bird took a swoop with their beak at my wife’s head.

“The bird didn’t touch me but one of the dogs we were with, a Bull Greyhound Joey, barked at it for a while and it wasn’t phased at all, just sat in the tree staring at us.”

Sharrow resident, Alice Eastwood, said that the warnings have put her off going walking around the woods altogether.