Crisp lover Lucy launches Sheffield Slimming World group after losing four stone

Lucy Pincott after she lost four and a half stone
Lucy Pincott after she lost four and a half stone
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A Sheffield super slimmer has lost an impressive four and a half stone – whilst munching on crisps.

Lucy Pincott, aged 21, was still able to enjoy her favourite snack every day as she shed the stones with Slimming World.

Lucy Pincott before her weight-loss

Lucy Pincott before her weight-loss

Lucy, of Heeley, said: “I had been overweight since my early teens but my weight got really out of control when I got my own flat.

“The more weight I gained, the more I became isolated from friends and family.

“I didn’t like to get dressed up and go out. Putting on pretty outfits and make up just made me feel like I was dressing up a tank.

“I couldn’t hide how big I had become so instead I stayed home gorging on takeaways and crisps.”

Lucy’s breaking point came one day at work when she was called a ‘fatty’.

The same week, she and her mum joined their local Slimming World group where she was living in London.

She said: “I felt nervous as I walked in but was greeted by loads of warm, friendly welcoming people. The consultant understood how I was feeling and I felt confident I was in the right place.

“I especially loved being able to have a packet of crisps every day and I couldn’t believe it when I’d lost my first stone within a month.”

Lucy eventually gained the confidence to move 200 miles to Sheffield to begin a new career and start up a Slimming World group on a Monday night at Queen’s Road Social Club, Heeley.

“I’m living a whole new life thanks to Slimming World,” said Lucy.

“Most of all I love I can still eat crisps.”

Lucy’s first meeting is on Monday. For details contact her on 07713 854574.