Criminals will finance community grants with cash seized by police in South Yorkshire

Villains will increasingly find themselves unwittingly making a positive contribution to South Yorkshire communities in future as the county’s crime boss uses cash seized from them to fund a new grants system.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 09:22 am
Updated Friday, 13th September 2019, 12:15 pm
Dr Alan Billings

South Yorkshire Police are increasing using the Proceeds of Crime Act, which allows them to seize assets found during their operations and to apply to the courts for money which cannot be accounted for through legitimate means to be confiscated from known offenders.

That has the advantage of helping to cripple further criminal activity because without funds it is more difficult for professional criminals to re-establish themselves.

But it also generates an income for the Home Office and some of that is being returned to South Yorkshire, allowing Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings to use money for communtiy grants.

“The public like to know that assets seized from criminals are being put back into communities,” he said.

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“It is good to know that out of something bad, crime, something good might come.

“We are very keen to see Proceeds of Crime increase through pro-active work by police.”

A third of the money returned to South Yorkshire will now be used to fund grants, with the rest being used to bolster police work.