Criminals being spared custody

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It seems lately that every sentence dished out by the courts is immediately and automatically followed by an appeal not, I suspect, so much as a result of our idiotic human rights rigmarole, but rather to enhance the coffers of the legal fraternity.

Time and time again we read of sentences being drastically reduced.

At the other end of the spectrum an equal number of career criminals are spared custody by wishy-washy judges for the flimsiest reasons (eg a felon with a string of offences was spared jail as he claimed to be obsessive over cleanliness and could not survive prison conditions).

Why don’t judiciary watchdogs automatically appeal on behalf of victims?

Dave Froggatt, Killamarsh

Let’s be proud of our area

WE’d like to let Cawood area tenants and residents know we’re opening a new office on Cawood Green and would like people to attend the opening on Sept 6, at 1.30pm.

There will be light refreshments and people will be able to learn more of the work of TARA members.

Representatives of Sheffield Homes and the council will also be there.

We would like to thank Couns Jackie Dayton and Ibrar Hussain for their hard, behind-the-scenes work to make this happen, as it was Coun Dayton who she started the ball rolling.

Now all the hard work is done we can look forward to making Cawood a clean and proud area to live.

Ronald Roe, Vice Chairman, Carwood TARA