Crimestoppers issues appeal for information to help tackle gun crime in Sheffield

Gun dumped on a street in Arbourthorne during a police chase in 2013
Gun dumped on a street in Arbourthorne during a police chase in 2013
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Crimestoppers has issued an appeal for information to help the police tackle gun crime in Sheffield.

The plea from the crime fighting charity came following a series of firearms incidents, including two in which men were shot in Sheffield streets.

Aseel Al-Essaie, aged 23, died after he was shot in his chest in Daniel Hill, Upperthorpe, on Saturday, February 27.

Five days earlier, Cameron Spalding, 25, was shot in his chest in Butterthwaite Road, Shiregreen.

He suffered life threatening injuries but survived the gun attack.

Detectives do not believe the shootings were linked.

Crimestoppers spokeswoman, Gemma Wilson, said: "We need more people to come forward and tell us what they know - details about people that they know who are committing these crimes.

"It's very scary, it's only a matter of time before a child could get caught in the crossfire of gun crime. It's just not acceptable - people should not be living in fear of what could happen next.

"It almost sounds like some sort of movie or TV programme with these shootings happening but this is real life - this is actually happening on people's doorsteps. I'd be worried as well but I'd want to know that anybody that's got information out there would feel confident to tell us so we can help the police.

"People can make up that jigsaw puzzle - it can just take one small piece of information which could allow the police to act on other information they may have received or confirm information they've received. There are more people out there who know information. These crimes don't happen without other knowing about it.

"It is scary and people don't always want to say they've been a witness to a crime but what they can do is make a huge difference by giving us the information anonymously and letting us take that information to the police and give the opportunity to act on that information and make the community a safer place.

"We're seeing it many days a week now there are more issues, more problems, and obviously the most recent shooting only a matter of days ago. We're really urging the public to come and tell us what information they know. We need to be able to put an end to this and say to the criminals this is not acceptable."

Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Information can also be passed to South Yorkshire Police on 101.