Crimea monument to stay in storage

I am writing in reply to Valerie Bayliss letter of January 4,where she is asking once again for the whereabouts of the Crimean war monument capita.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 5:50 am
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 5:55 am
Crimean monument

Around two years ago Ms Bayliss put out an appeal asking the same question.

At that time I responded to her appeal and pointed her to exactly where the Capita and various other parts of the monument were stored.

The Star requested a meeting with the council to view the various sections of the monument including the Capita, (a very large figure of what looked like a Queen wearing a crown/and also holding a massive solid bronze sword about six feet long).

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The Star published a photograph of the Crimean monument and I replied to their publication and confirmed that it was indeed the monument and the Capita that Ms Bayliss was searching for.

It was also my suggestion at the time to find the monument a new site.

Possibly in the area of the old Castle Market redevelopment area as it would be a fitting tribute to the ancient history of the area that is being planned as an open landscaped site, revealing the old castle ruins and the uncovered river flowing through would make a beautiful feature.

* Editor’s footnote: council chiefs have said that the memorial is to remain in storage because the authority it does not have the funds to return it to public view.

A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “Repair work to the Crimean Monument was carried out and it was placed into safe storage when it was removed during the restoration of the Botanical Gardens some years ago.

“To date neither a suitable new location nor the funding to reinstate the monument has been identified. This is a very large monument, which will need careful siting. However, the monument is being stored safely and is available to be displayed in future.”

Patrick Hickey

by email