Yorkshire Water issues hosepipe ban update for Sheffield as restrictions are imposed in parts of England

The possibility of a hosepipe ban in Sheffield is growing as more parts of England are subjected to restrictions on water usage.

Yorkshire Water today issued an update after South East Water became the second provider to restrict the use of hosepipes and sprinklers.

It said that reservoir levels had continued to fall despite recent rainfall and they are now only just over half full.

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Yorkshire Water has issued an update to customers in Sheffield about the potential for a hosepipe ban, after restrictions on water usage were imposed in other parts of the UK (Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire)

It has asked customers to do everything they can to reduce their water usage and ward off the potential of restrictions being imposed in the region.

What can people do to save water?

A Yorkshire Water spokeswoman said: “Yorkshire has experienced a particularly dry spring and summer and the reservoirs and rivers in our region are seeing the impact. Reservoir levels are currently around 51 per cent - they declined by two per cent over the last week despite the rainfall we had across Yorkshire.

“We’re always asking our customers to reduce their usage where they can and allow their lawns to go brown, not wash the car for a few weeks and turn the taps off when they’re brushing their teeth to stop waste and reduce the likelihood of restrictions later in the summer.

“We’re working around the clock to move water around our network of pipes to keep taps flowing and we’re doing our bit to save water where we can too. Our team of leakage inspectors are out and about across Yorkshire, working hard to save water from leaky pipes, and are prioritising larger leaks.”

Where has water usage already been restricted and what is the outlook for more rain?

South East Water this week became the second water company to restrict use of hosepipes and sprinklers with a ban within Kent and Sussex from Friday, August 12 until further notice.

Southern Water announced the first hosepipe ban of the year last week on Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from this Friday, August 5.

The latest Met Office forecast is for a dry week ahead in Sheffield, though its long-range UK weather forecast says ‘occasional bouts of more unsettled weather’ are likely during the second half of August.