Yobs still plague Sheffield suburb

Insp. Ian Stubbs
Insp. Ian Stubbs
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Yobs are still hurling missiles at pedestrians and cars in Sheffield despite a police crackdown.

Police say officers have been working on the problem in Abbeydale for the last year and despite identifying 29 youths involved in anti-social behaviour, the problems persist.

Letters have been sent to the parents of those caught in the act or suspected of being involved but reports of waterbombs and stones being thrown at people and vehicles are still being made.

Earlier this month, two pool balls were thrown through the front window of a house on Woodstock Road – narrowly missing a three-year-old child inside.

And on Bonfire night out of control youths threw bottles, bricks and fireworks at vehicles and set up a barricade across Abbeydale Road. They damaged a bus and a police vehicle.

Insp Ian Stubbs, of Woodseats and Gleadless Valley Safer Neighbour hood Team, said: “Unfortunately despite our best efforts and significant contributions from key partners the problems persist.

“We would be particularly interested in anyone who has information about those involved.

“Our joint work over the past 12 months has identified over 29 young people from the area directly involved in anti-social behaviour and I would encourage their parents to take some responsibility.”

Letters sent to the homes of nuisance youths said: “Over the past 12 months significant additional resources have been invested in the area by both South Yorkshire Police and key partner agencies.

“Your local councillors have also worked closely with us to tackle the problem. There are now activities for young people seven days a week.

“The work has resulted in 29 young people being identified to date as being involved. They are aged between 10 and 19 and are all from this community.

“They are your children and young people in your community causing significant alarm, harassment and distress to local people.”