Work on abuse praised

Domestic violence (posed by models)
Domestic violence (posed by models)
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Men known to repeatedly abuse their partners have been working with the police in Rotherham in a bid to change their ways.

A domestic violence officer worked with 17 offenders in a pilot scheme aimed at reducing offending.

South Yorkshire Police said the force received 5,555 reports of domestic abuse in Rotherham over the last year – prompting bosses to introduce the new scheme.

It involved a specialist officer working with offenders to educate them about the consequences of their actions and the impact of their behaviour on victims.

And none have yet re-offended.

Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner, said: “I am pleased with the results of the intervention work in Rotherham.

“December is predominantly a time when police receive a higher number of domestic abuse reports.

“It is welcome news that over the festive period, Rotherham officers have found a successful way of stopping the abuse and protecting so many women.

“In my police and crime plan, I set out my key priorities, one of which is to protect vulnerable people.

“This year I shall be targeting the protection of women caught up in abusive relationships and will be working closely with organisations that help to stop perpetrators re-offending.

“This is a big step in the right direction and I hope to see some excellent results across South Yorkshire with the extension of this work.”

Chief Inspector Ian Womersley said: “The intervention work officers have put into practice in Rotherham is attracting much interest from other police forces and partnerships.

“As the project expands it should continue to improve the protection of domestic violence victims and their families from abuse.

“Plans are in place to expand the work across South Yorkshire and also develop culturally specific interventions across ethnic minority groups, to ensure woman across all communities are protected.”