Witness weeps over Sheffield stab death

Victim Dimitrina Borisova
Victim Dimitrina Borisova
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A witness broke down and wept in court as she recalled seeing a man stab a woman to death on a Sheffield street.

The woman told jurors at Sheffield Crown Court that the man grabbed hold of Dimitrina Borisova, stabbed her repeatedly, then ran the knife across her neck as she lay dying in the road.

She was giving evidence in the trial of Erhan Mehmedov, aged 45, who is accused of murdering former partner Dimitrina Borisova, 46, over custody of their two- year-old son.

The witness, who gave evidence from behind a screen, was on her way to the Citizens Advice Bureau in Gleadless when she saw the man on Blackstock Road.

She said: “He quickened his pace. There was a lady stood at the pub bus stop. He grabbed her. She screamed. She tried to run away but he got her.

“At first I thought he was hitting her with his fists. After the second or third blow I saw a blade. She was trying to run away from him, she was screaming.

“She broke free but he got her again. She was in the middle of the road, then she dropped.

“After she dropped, he carried on attacking her. Then he lifted her head and ran the knife across her neck.

“She wasn’t moving.”

The woman wept as she described the man turning towards her as if he was going to come in her direction.

She fled and took refuge in a van with two council workers who contacted the police.

Resident Martin Wade said shortly after noon on Thursday, February 21, his partner shouted to him that she could see something happening out of the window of their home, near Blackstock Road.

He said he ran out of the house and saw an aggressive man bending over a woman and stabbing her.

He said: “He showed no emotion. He wasn’t angry or anything. He looked aggressive. I know it sounds stupid, but he seemed normal.”

The prosecution says Mehmedov, of Blackstock Road, decided to kill Miss Borisova after she won overnight custody of their two-year-old son twice a week. He denies murder.

The trial continues.