Widow’s ‘utter bewilderment’ over the death of her husband

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The widow of murdered church lay preacher Alan Greaves said she feels ‘total bewilderment’ about his death.

Maureen Greaves was speaking after her husband’s killers were convicted.

Recalling the first time she saw Jonathan Bowling and Ashley Foster in court, she told The Star: “I did feel a little anger, but the overwhelming feeling was of utter bewilderment that somebody could do this to someone.

“I’ve had the shaking of the head and I’ve wondered ‘why did they do it to him?’

“How could anybody just walk up and hit anybody – it’s still there, utter bewilderment at why?”

Maureen said her ordeal had not tested her faith.

“I believe God was with Alan when it was happening and through his death.

“I had strong faith before and now I feel closer to God.”