WATCH: Teen yobs filmed carrying out shocking vandal attack on South Yorkshire house

This is the shocking moment a gang of young yobs were filmed violently attacking a South Yorkshire house – and then later returning for another blitz on the property.

By Darren Burke
Monday, 16th May 2022, 3:16 pm

Footage shows a gang of teens putting windows through at the house in Edlington, Doncaster – with one repeatedly smashing holes in a door using a metal pole.

Others can be seen hurling objects at an upstairs window – with the sound of breaking glass clearly audible as windows are put through.

The clip is understood to have been filmed in Prince’s Crescent, Edlington, which was recently blasted as one of the most dangerous streets in Doncaster with drug gangs, violence and arson attacks making local residents describe the area as a ‘hell hole.’

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Yobs can be seen repeatedly smashing windows at the house in Edlington.

Two separate clips have been circulating of the incident online.

One shows the property with wooden boards across the windows of the home.

In the clip, the gang can be seen pulling off the boards so they can smash windows.

The yobs are seen hurling objects at an upstairs window, with several missing before one missile eventually smashes the glass.

The yobs then turn their attention to a back door, with one repeatedly punching holes in the glass with a metal pole. Another, in a black hooded top, is seen knocking out shards of glass with his hands.

The group then put through more windows before eventually fleeing, possibly warned off by the sound of a barking dog.

Last week, it was revealed that the ‘hell-hole’ Doncaster estate was being terrorised by drug barons, gangs as young as nine and a string of arson attacks on ‘grasses.’

Terrified residents said the street has become a ‘no-go area’ with scores of homes boarded up, gardens strewn with litter and junk and a series of chilling revenge attacks.

The investigation, by The Sun, said that houses in the street have been smashed up "for fun" with properties daubed with graffiti.

Brick front walls have toppled over, homes have been left charred after a number of arson attacks and the area has seen a number of drug raids.

One resident said: "It is a real mess down there, smashed windows, rubbish all over the place.

“You don’t feel safe at times going down there. The kids terrorise the place.”

The newspaper said that other locals are too terrified to give their names for fear of revenge attacks that have plagued the area being carried out on their front door.

One said: "If you start grassing in this village you get your bloody windows put through. And we don’t want our houses torched.

“There’s been cars torched. There is riff raff on that street. There’s drugs and all sorts of criminality.”

Many residents says the street is ruled by kids who use "threats and violence" – with some as young as nine.

One pensioner accused the police of "doing nothing", while another claimed the teen thugs just swear at cops.

Another said: "I’ve lived here two years, but it is not safe. I don’t allow my kids to go to the park.

“Six months after I moved in I had my tyres slashed.

“The whole street wants tearing down."

“Kids as young as nine are smashing the windows and stealing things from the houses anything they can.”