Wanted man found hiding in boot after police pull over driver in Sheffield

A wanted man is back behind bars after police found him hiding in the boot of a car they pulled over in Sheffield.

By Robert Cumber
Saturday, 12th June 2021, 8:12 am

Officers described how they attempted to stop the Passat after checks showed it was uninsured.

Having taken what cops said was ‘rather a long time’ to pull over, the driver set off again and had to be surrounded and brought to a stop.

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Police got a big surprise when they checked the boot of this Passat they had stopped in Sheffield and found a wanted man hiding inside

Police said: “We thought everything had become clear when it transpired the driver was disqualified, as well as having no insurance obviously; but it's always worth a little extra dig around.

“As we searched the car we found the reason for the long time they took coming to a stop. In the boot, hiding behind a large sub woofer, was the driver’s partner!

“The reason for the hiding was that HM Prisons had a room waiting for him to return and finish his sentence. Let's hope theres no similar hiding places in his new accommodation!”