Volunteers come together to organise events in the hope of reducing crime in Sheffield

A dedicated group of volunteers who clubbed together to organise events in Sheffield, with the aim of reducing crime and antisocial behaviour, will hold their latest event next week.

The South of Sheffield Events Team will host the Meadowhead Giant Bonfire and pyrotechnic firework display on Friday, November 2 at Sheffield Transport Ground.

Last year's bonfire.

Last year's bonfire.

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The group was formed with representatives from the Transport Ground, Batemoor, Jordanthorpe and Greenhill and Bradway tenants’ and residents associations.

Stephen Rich, chairman of the team, said: “We set the group up to hopefully reduce antisocial behaviour and crime. There has been quite a bit more than normal.

“It normally happens at this time of year and I think that’s to do with the dark nights coming in. We set it up to offer people things to do in the south of Sheffield.”

Crowds at last year's event.

Crowds at last year's event.

The bonfire, now in its third year, will be held on Greenhill Main Road, from 6pm until 10pm and entry is free of charge.

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There will also be a fun fair, face painting, a Punch and Judy show and last year attracted a crowd of around 5,000.

Mr Rich said: “There’s work to be done because gone are the days when the council used to organise a big bonfire. If every community all got together and did someting like what we do and work with people like National Lottery for funding.

“I think things like that do reduce crime and antisocial behaviour because it brings the community together and stops kids from setting their own fireworks off.”

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Mr Rich, who is also secretary of the Greenhill and Bradway TARA, also called for laws to be changed around the sale of fireworks.

He added: “When people sell fireworks there should be a law that says they’ve got be for an organised display or in a private garden.

“Setting fireworks off in the middle of the street is dangerous and that’s another reason we set the group up.”