Violent brawl yobs are locked up again

Reece Mendez
Reece Mendez
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Two men involved in a violent brawl which led to the murder of Sheffield teenager Dale Robertson are behind bars again - for attacking the killer’s brother.

Reece Mendez and Travis Hurst, both aged 20, were convicted of violent disorder following Dale’s death in September 2008.

Seaon Thompson

Seaon Thompson

His murderer Seaon Thompson is serving a minimum of 10 years behind bars.

Mendez and Hurst were also both jailed and subsequently released - but today they are back behind bars again, after admitting chasing and attacking Thompson’s brother Deroy on a night out in Sheffield city centre.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Deroy was ambushed by Mendez, Hurst and two other thugs - Jarrod Lomas, 21 today, and Jack Grocock, 18 - moments after leaving the Empire bar in Charter Square.

He was punched, kicked to the ground and beaten unconscious, but the attack was captured on CCTV. The yobs were arrested minutes later.

Jack Grocock

Jack Grocock

Mendez pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm, and Hurst, Lomas and Grocock all admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent.

Lomas said Deroy had pushed a bin against his house and set it alight, and claimed the police took no action. He told detectives in his police interview: “If you had done your job I would never have had to take the matter into my own hands.”

Judge Robert Moore QC said the thugs had given their victim ‘a good hiding’ and the offence was ‘so serious’ custody was inevitable.

He said Hurst, Grocock and Lomas doled out most of the attack, acting together and ‘intending serious harm’.

Jarrod Lomas

Jarrod Lomas

Jeremy Hill-Baker, prosecuting, said: “The complainant was outnumbered and soon overpowered and put to the ground where he was punched and kicked.”

He said after some initial involvement Mendez left the scene. “It was his accomplices who kicked the complainant time and again until he was unconscious,” he said.

Mr Hill-Baker said the city centre attack stemmed from ‘bad feeling’ following the murder of Dale Robertson in Rokeby Drive, Parson Cross, three years ago when the 18-year-old was drawn into a row at a party.

Dale, from Ecclesfield, was attacked by a dozen youths, beaten with wood and metal, kicked and stabbed.

Travis Hurst

Travis Hurst

Mendez was initially convicted of murder, but walked free from prison following an appeal which saw the charge replaced with one of violent disorder.

Richard Barradell, defending Mendez, agreed there was ‘significant background’ to the fight.

“Deroy Thompson blames Mendez and his friends for his brother’s predicament,” he said. “Deroy Thompson had made it absolutely clear - there had been threats of arson and the waving of knives - that he was not going to let it lie.

“There had been numerous incidents where Deroy Thompson had been laying down the law.”

Mendez, of Yew Greave Crescent, Ecclesfield, was jailed for two years for the attack and another nine months after being found with a stun gun in his bedroom.

Hurst, of Browning Drive, Foxhill; Lomas, of Fulmere Road, Parson Cross; and Grocock, of Holgate Road, Parson Cross were each sentenced to five years and five months in jail. Lomas received an additional four months for breaching a suspended sentence.

Deroy Thompson himself was jailed for 21 months yesterday after being found guilty of false imprisonment.