VIDEO: Homes raided in burglary blitz across Sheffield

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A gun and stolen mobile phones were among the items seized this morning during a series of raids across Sheffield.

At least 10 warrants were executed across the city as South Yorkshire began a six week crackdown on burglary.

Officers have carried out several months investigating burglaries and stolen goods in Sheffield before starting the arrest phase of Operation Kustody.

Properties on the Manor and in Heeley were among those raided.

Superintendent Scott Green said today was the beginning of a six week operation.

He added: “It is designed to tackle inquisitive crime across the city. It is designed to target the stolen property market and to impact on the criminal elements across the city that want to break into houses and break into cars and steal things.

“What we are highlighting today is that as well as running successful high profile operations like the Tour de France that actually we will relentlessly pursue those that commit that sort of crime across the city.

“It’s going to run all summer. Today is a strike phase.

“It’s a culmination of several months of covert policing and we are conducting at least 10 search warrants across the city as well as conducting operations to arrest those who are currently wanted across the city as well.”

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