VIDEO: Escaping motorist put lives at risk as he rammed police vehicles at a Sheffield service station

An escaping motorist has been jailed after he rammed three vehicles – including two police cars – at a service station in an attempt to evade capture.

By Jon Cooper
Thursday, 28th April 2022, 6:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th April 2022, 7:01 pm

Sheffield Crown Court heard on April 27 how Gulshazad Anwar, aged 36, of Greenland Close, Darnall, Sheffield, had been cornered at a service station on St Mary’s Road, near the Sheffield United ground, when he reversed into a motorist’s vehicle, rammed into the rear of a police car and drove into the front of another police car before fleeing.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Anwar: “On October 17, 2020, you committed eight crimes in respect of a single incident stemming from a piece of deplorable and dangerous driving in the forecourt of a busy fuel filling-station in Sheffield.

"In the course of that episode you deliberately rammed two police vehicles, you also caused damage to the vehicle of a member of the public and you additionally injured police officers in consequence as well as the driver of the private vehicle.

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Pictured is Gulshazad Anwar, aged 36, of Greenland Close, at Darnall, Sheffield, who has been sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court to two years of custody after he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, three counts of criminal damage and three counts of assaulting an emergency worker after he rammed three vehicles at a petrol service station to evade capture.

"You perpetrated these crimes to evade capture and arrest. In fact, you succeeded in barging your way out of the service station to make good your escape.”

Anwar, who has previous convictions, was arrested and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, assault occasioning actual bodily harm to the civilian motorist, three counts of assaulting an emergency worker, and to three counts of causing criminal damage concerning the vehicles.

The court heard one officer suffered injuries to his back and neck, another continues to have shoulder problems and the civilian motorist suffered a knee injury and PTSD.

Emma Handley, prosecuting, previously outlined the civilian motorist’s newly-purchased vehicle suffered £3,970.70 in damage and the police vehicles suffered £781.94 and £1,815.60 of damage.

Ms Handley added South Yorkshire Police stated Anwar had put lives at risk and put two police vehicles out of action with the cost of repairs falling to the tax-payer.

Judge Richardson told Anwar: “Many of the public and the police officers had their lives endangered by your driving.”

During a previous hearing, Ian West, defending, said Anwar who has favourable references from his Imam and a local councillor had panicked and had done everything he could to escape.

The court heard the defendant had been having problems with his marriage and he has since suffered a wound to his leg after he was shot in Pakistan.

Judge Richardson pointed out Anwar had previously failed to stop for police and he was spotted by officers the next day and was followed into the service station where he used his car as a “weapon”.

He told Anwar: “This all took place in a public location. Indeed, a busy filling station where members of the public could have been seriously injured.”

Judge Richardson said the court has seen an increase in this type of crime so word must go out that such offending will be met with severe punishment.

He added: “Anyone who drives a motorcar and deliberately rams a police car – particularly to evade capture and arrest – must expect and will receive an appropriately severe sentence.”

Judge Richardson sentenced Anwar to two years of custody and he was banned from driving and is due to serve a four-year disqualification from his expected release date.

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