VIDEO: Drugs found in Sheffield raids

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Drugs worth £10,000 were seized by police in Sheffield in a series of raids.

The ‘day of action’ was mounted after officers collated information from members of the community about drugs and other crimes in their neighbourhoods.

Police on  Drugs Raids in sheffield In Handsworth

Police on Drugs Raids in sheffield In Handsworth

Class A drugs and cannabis were found by officers after searching homes on Medlock Road, Handsworth; Angelton Green, Manor; Madehurst Gardens, Lowfield; East Bank Road, Arbourthorne and Castle Court, Hyde Park.

Two cautions were handed out for possession of cannabis, one suspect was bailed after being quizzed over the production of cannabis, and two others were bailed after being questioned over the discovery of drugs.

Inspector Paul Ferguson, who oversaw the raids, said community tip-offs were behind the operation.

“The six warrants were all achieved as a result of members of the public telling us about their suspicions,” he said. “If they had not told us what was happening in their communities we would not have known - they had the faith and confidence to come to us and report what was happening and we carried out investigations to corroborate what they were telling us and acted.”

He said drugs blight communities: “Drugs cause harm - not just to the individuals who take them but to the communities where they are taken or dealt. By taking drugs out of communities we are preventing that harm.”

“Anti-social behaviour is linked to drug supply - nobody would want a neighbour dealing close to where they live.”

He said one of the main concerns of parents is that their children end up embroiled in the world of drugs.

“The recurring message I get from parents is that they try their best to encourage their children to study hard and work hard and to strive for a better life, but in the background is a dark force that presents the option of making easy money. These warrants are aimed at demonstrating that drugs are not the easy option and there are consequences of taking, dealing and possessing drugs.”

He said in addition to facing criminal proceedings, those involved in drugs also run the risk of losing their homes for breaching the terms of their tenancy agreements.

n Anyone with information or suspicions about criminals operating in South Yorkshire communities should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.