Vegetable oil stolen for fuel

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VEGETABLE oil has been stolen to fuel cars in South Yorkshire, police believe.

The county’s police force has had four thefts recorded this year and officers are now warning against using the oil in vehicles - claiming it is a safety hazard.

Superintendent Eddie Murphy, from South Yorkshire Police, said: “It is thought the oil may have been stolen to use in vehicles. This obviously raises road safety issues as the oil may not be suitable for this use and could cause damage which may mean a vehicle breaks down, causing obvious hazards.

“If the oil is being taken and then illegally dumped there are community safety concerns around contamination of land, or possibly even fire hazards.

“Whilst there have been only four recorded thefts of vegetable oil from outlets across South Yorkshire it is important that if anyone knows details of the thefts they should report them to South Yorkshire Police.”

Anyone with information should call 101.