Two people from Sheffield go on trial accused of murdering holidaymaker when ‘violence erupted’ outside seaside bar

Two people from Sheffield are accused of murdering a holidaymaker when ‘violence erupted’ outside a seaside bar, a court has heard.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 6th April 2019, 3:10 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 4:05 pm
Caroline Fisher
Caroline Fisher

Leon Wadsworth, aged 31, of Milnrow Road, Parson Cross, and Hayley Fletcher, 31, of Paper Mill Road, Shiregreen, are accused of murdering Caroline Fisher, 52, during an incident outside the Buzz Bar in Ingoldmells, Lincolnshire on July 21 last year.

They both deny the charge, and have gone on trial at Lincoln Crown Court.

Wadsworth is alleged to have punched Ms Fisher so hard she fell to the ground outside the Buzz Bar.

Fletcher is then alleged to have kicked Ms Fisher twice in the head. She never got up.

The court heard how attempts were made to revive her at the scene and she was taken to the Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, where she was pronounced dead.

She suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, told the jury that as Ms Fisher, who was from Eastwood, lay dying her alleged attackers celebrated with a mock reconstruction of the fatal blows before hugging each other.

The jury was told Ms Fisher, who wore tinted glasses because she had limited sight and was wearing a protective device on her leg having previously suffered a fracture, arrived at the resort just hours earlier to begin a holiday with her partner and members of her family.

Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, said “Caroline Fisher had arrived at Ingoldmells earlier that day. She had gone there with friends and family to start their holiday.

“The events that led to Caroline Fisher’s death had started inside the Buzz Bar. She had been there with her family and friends and so too had the two defendants together with Wadsworth’s partner Lacy Lee.

“There were many others in the bar including Michael Wilcox. He was to be Leon Wadsworth’s first victim that night.

“The trouble started when Leon Wadsworth ran across the dance floor and head butted Michael Wilcox so hard that he was knocked backwards across the dance floor for some 10 metres.

“Mr Wilcox was knocked unconscious and suffered facial injuries.

“He was dancing on his own and was not rouble and causing no harm to anybody else.

“That attack took place in front of a number of small children in push chairs. It was totally unprovoked. Wadsworth went outside for some fresh air after attacking Michael Wilcox.

“He was followed by others including Hayley Fletcher. People who had seen what Wadsworth had done to Michael Wilcox began to remonstrate with him. Many were cross. They were incensed he had done it when young children were there.

“A fight broke out. Hayley Fletcher was fighting with another woman. Caroline Fisher intervened and hit Miss Fletcher twice to the head with a glass.

“Then Wadsworth approached and touched Caroline Fisher on the shoulder as if to line her up and punched her very hard with a right hook which felled her. When she was on the ground Hayley Fletcher kicked her extremely hard twice to her head. Wadsworth also tried to kick her.

“He caught her a glancing blow and then trod on her. They were doing it together. Caroline Fisher never got up again after what they did to her. She was dead or dying within minutes.”

Mr Joyce said that Wadsworth, together with Lacy Lee and Fletcher, accompanied by four children, then went by taxi to Woody’s Bar in the resort.

“When they got out of the taxi there is CCTV footage which shows them seeming to re-enact what had happened to Caroline Fisher back at the Buzz Bar. It shows them appearing to be glorifying and celebrating what they had done just minutes before to Caroline Fisher. Inside Woody’s Bar there was further re-enactment.

“Both these defendants were arrested on the Saturday as their group was leaving the area to go back to Sheffield.

“Both were interviewed. Leon Wadsworth was saying he was protecting Hayley. Hayley said she was defending herself.

“The prosecution say that both of them were attacking Caroline Fisher while she was defenceless on the ground.”

Wadsworth and Fletcher each deny the murder of Caroline Fisher on July 21, 2018. The jury has been told that Wadsworth has admitted causing actual bodily harm to Michael Wilcox.

The trial continues.