Two families kicked out of Sheffield Wetherspoons after blazing row caught on camera

Two families were kicked out of a Sheffield Wetherspoons after they were caught up in a blazing row.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 1:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 3:13 pm
Photo: Dominic Lipinski

Footage of the argument showed one group of diners taking offence at the conversation of the family sitting next to them, sparking a massive row.

The disagreement was caught on camera by a young woman as she and her mother were branded ‘disgusting and vile’ by the man and woman sitting next to them.

Both familiies were kicked out of the chain pub after one woman asked her mother if they could ‘move back down to London’, before a woman tried grabbing her phone.

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In the shocking footage, the man can be seen saying: “You’re horrible. I’ve never heard anything come out of someone’s mouth as bad as what’s coming out of yours.

“It’s disgusting, you’re digusting. You’re vile, speaking in front of your daughters like that, talking about people, slagging them off. She’s doing her job. I don’t want to hear it. You’re a horrible woman. My kids have got more respect.”

The woman interjects by stating that it’s not the man’s business before declaring: “I don’t want to hear your opinion either."

She said: “It’s my business not yours. I don’t want to hear your opinion. Move somewhere else. You’re abusing a 19-year-old you’ve never met. Calling her things like that.”

She then turns to her daughter and asks: “Can you believe there’s people on the planet like that?”

The woman filming can be heard taunting the family after being called a ******* idiot and says: “I've been called a lot worse babes, don't you mind me.”

However, the argument intensifies when she asks her mother: “Can we move back down to London please.”

The woman at the next table declares ‘all Londoners are like that’ before noticing she is being filmed.

Getting up from her chair, she asks: “Are you videoing me? Are you videoing me you ******* idiot. Delete it now.”

Speaking to the Mail, a Wetherspoons spokesman said: “The customers in question were being anti-social and asked to leave the pub, due to racist comments and being verbally abusive about staff.”

But, the young woman told the paper: “There were most certainly no racist comments made.

“The only comment made was me saying that I would like to move back to my hometown in London to which the woman who snatched my phone told me to "f**k off back there".

“We were embarrassed and felt sorry for the other people in the pub trying to eat their food.

“They had been watching us since we sat down at the table next to them. When they started calling us names, that is when I began recording.”