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SOCIAL networking service Twitter was alive with reaction following Milan Mandaric’s acquittal.

Craig Nicholson, @CraigSWFC, tweeted: “I’m hearing a rumour the jury foreman uttered ‘we’re all Wednesday aren’t we’, just before announcing the verdict.”

Ozzie Owl, @O22IE_OWL, tweeted: “Great news for Milan and SWFC.”

Deejayone, @deejayone, tweeted: “Absolute travesty that taxpayers’ money has been wasted by HMRC bringing the case against Redknapp/Mandaric, in my opinion.”

Lee Hicklin, @KivoLee, tweeted: “Court case a disgrace.”

Will Santero Kirby, @djsantero, tweeted: “Absolutely delighted to see that Mandaric has been found innocent of tax evasion. Now go and get us promoted.”

Craig Graham, @CraigyG123, tweeted: “Now that’s sorted Mandaric can get his hand in his offshore bank account & use some of that cash to get some loan players in.”

Oli Clarke @oliclarke80, tweeted: “HMRC is out to get football any way they can, shameful.”

Matthew Kelcher, @mattkelcher, tweeted: “Always knew Milan was innocent!”

Charles Ducksbury, @cducksbury, tweeted: “Forza Mandaric!”

Mike Wass, @MikeWass2, tweeted: “Great for Milan Mandaric. Owls fans will always give you their support.”

Matt Dent, @MatttttDent, tweeted: “Really pleased for Milan Mandaric. Let’s win promotion for him this season now!”

Andrew Robinson, @beanyrobinson, tweeted: “Happy for uncle Milan. No substance in the case at all!”

Alex Whitehead, @littlewhitehead, tweeted: “Mandaric can put money where his mouth his now he’s cleared.”

Alan Biggs, @AlanBiggs1, tweeted: “Hope for SWFC. MM is re-energised & refocused after what must have been gruelling & distracting ordeal.”

Joe Ridge, @JoeRidge87, tweeted: “Big day for SWFC today with their chairman cleared... bound to be a lift around the club in the short-term and obvious long-term benefits.”

Paul Harris, @hazowl27, tweeted: “This country really is a joke, 8 mil to investigate harry and milan for sake of a few hundred thousand quid and got nowhere, clowns.”

Andrew Mosby, @MozSwfc, tweeted: “Finally now we can focus on football!”

Lee Lucas, @leelucas28, tweeted: “Decisions made by people who hold the public purse should be investigated when it implodes so expensively for taxpayers.”

Ross Siddons, @RossSiddons, tweeted: “In Milan we trust! As a SWFC fan, I’m delighted. I just hope he powers on and gets Wednesday to the Prem.”

FollowDaBeaver, @Followdabeaver, tweeted: “Happy to see Milan Mandaric get off. He can now concentrate on running a massive club again.”

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