Trial latest: Sheffield killer husband ‘had four wives’

Scene of a woman's murder on The Oval, Firth Park, Sheffield
Scene of a woman's murder on The Oval, Firth Park, Sheffield
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An ‘oppressor’ accused of murdering his wife in a brutal attack at their Sheffield home had three other wives, a court heard.

The sister of victim Sara Al Shourefi said Thahi Harroba Manaa married another woman because she was taking too long to get pregnant.

He then married yet again because Mrs Al Shourefi was not meeting his many demands.

Najis Farhoud said her sister was regularly assaulted by Manaa and prevented from seeing her family and friends.

She told a Sheffield Crown Court jury through an interpreter: “She told me, ‘I can’t feel my body any more. I have nothing but him. I have patience because I have kids.’

“She had a strong belief in God.”

Manaa, aged 37, is accused of attacking his wife with screw drivers, an electric drill, two metal bars, a wooden shelf and a knife at their home in The Oval, Firth Park, at around 10am last March 4.

Manaa’s mother and two of the couple’s four young children were in the house at the time.

Mrs Farhoud told the court Manaa had been married once before - to her cousin - before he wed her sister.

In the Kuwaiti family’s culture, it is not unusual for a man to have more than one wife if the wife is unable to conceive a child or is ill.

The court heard Manaa’s first wife was unable to have a baby and so he married Sara Al Shourefi.

After that he married two other women, Kholoud and Nadia.

Mrs Farhoud said: “He married Kholoud because it was thought that Sara had a delay with pregnancy.

“It was only a short time delay and he didn’t give her the time. The doctor had said that she had no problem.

“The same time that he married Kholoud he realised that Sara was pregnant. She was actually pregnant with twins but one didn’t survive and the other one did.

“His other wife was pregnant too - they were both pregnant.”

Mrs Farhoud said she was unaware why Manaa had married for a fourth time.

“There was no reason. Sara had had children but he told her that she was not up to his demands,” she said.

She called Manaa an ‘oppressor’ and said he prevented her sister from contacting her at all from January 2014.

“All men in our culture are jealous but his jealousy was different,” she said.

“I used to contact Sara on her mobile phone, however, he took this from her and kept it with him. She was not allowed to contact anyone. He is a suspicious person and he suspected everything.”

Manaa has pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denies murder. The trial continues.