Three years’ jail for Sheffield dealer found to have stashed over £13k of Class A drugs in ‘man bag’

A Sheffield dealer who was found to have over £13,000 of Class A drugs stashed in a ‘man bag’ when he was stopped by police in the street has been locked up.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 4:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 6:40 pm

Police officers were initially called out to Whinacre Place in Batemoor at around 10.25pm on March 31 this year to reports of a break-in in the area.

Defendant, Kyle Crosby, was walking along the street as officers arrived at the scene, and they went to speak with him to see if he could help with their enquiries.

“He went to run away, so officers gave chase,” Louise Reevell, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court during today’s hearing.

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She added: “There was quite a struggle, and police had to use PAVA spray to subdue the defendant.”

During the course of the struggle, a quantity of cash fell out of Crosby’s pocket, and he was heard to say: ‘It’s only £2,500, it’s nothing’.

The cash was counted and there was found to be a total of £2,840 in Crosby’s possession.

Ms Reevell said Crosby, 28, was subsequently taken to the police station, where he, and the Adidas ‘man bag’ he was carrying, were searched.

Officers found two mobile phones as well as two packages containing 44 wraps of crack cocaine, and 210 wraps of heroin.

Ms Reevell said officers only tested 120 of the 210 wraps, but said they were all believed to contain the same substance.

The Class A drugs found in Crosby’s possession were estimated to have a street value of £13,810, and when combined with the cash, the total benefit from Crosby’s offending is estimated to be £16,650.

Crosby, of Shiregreen Lane, Shiregreen pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply heroin and to possession with intent to supply crack cocaine at an earlier hearing.

The court was told that Crosby has a number of previous convictions for offences including burglary and wounding.

Amy Earnshaw, defending, said Crosby had drug problems, relating to his use of both crack cocaine and heroin, and had accrued a debt of £14,000, over a period of between six to eight months.

“He was selling the drugs to pay off his debts,” said Ms Earnshaw.

She added: “He’s a family man, living with his mum, and has three children, aged one, three and seven.”

Judge Roger Thomas QC jailed Crosby for three years.

“It hardly need me to spell out, yet again, the misery caused by the supply and selling of Class A drugs,” he said.

Referring to Crosby’s assertion that he began selling drugs to pay off his debts, Judge Thomas added: “There’s hardly any offender I meet, in circumstances such as yours, that doesn’t have a similar tale to tell.”

- South Yorkshire Police have been asked to provide a custody image of Crosby