Three stolen vehicles found in Sheffield

South Yorkshire Police have found three stolen vehicles including an off-road bike in two separate locations in Sheffield.

Monday, 26th August 2019, 12:48 pm
The off-road bike that was found by the police on East Bank Road.

On Saturday morning, Sheffield South East NHP posted on its Facebook page that officers from the Manor and Arbourthorne team had spotted a motorbike entering the car park behind Manor Estate Social Club as they were returning to Elm Tree Police Station.

They said they bike did not have a number plate, which prompted them to turn around to take a closer look.

"As they entered the car park, they spied a chap with the bike acting sheepish in the top corner.

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"They went over and the chap quickly vanished, leaving a stolen motorbike behind.

"The bike was recovered shortly after," they said, adding they had also recovered a stolen van from the lower Manor area prior to the incident.

Meanwhile on Friday, an off-road bike was discovered when a police officer was conducting the usual patrols and enquiries on East Bank Road in Heeley.

On a Facebook post by Sheffield South West NHP on Friday evening, it said something was not right when the officer saw the rider started to fill up the bike with petrol and try to leave without payment from the Texaco garage.

"A quick chat to the rider who then decided to panic and drive off. However, he was overpowered at first but then fled on another motorbike with his accomplice.

"However, we have your suspected stolen bike in safe keeping. One less to be used for this bank holiday weekend," the police said.