Three jailed over attempted theft and dangerous police chase on Sheffield estate

A group of men who attempted to steal a television from a delivery, before making off and embarking on a dangerous police chase around a Sheffield estate have been jailed.

Tuesday, 10th September 2019, 5:08 pm

Defendants Bradley Jenkins, 26; Michael Daley, 47; Connor Hadi, 24, and Neil Hopkinson, 31 were all involved in the attempt to steal a 65-inch television from a lorry, as it was parked up and the shutter door was open on July 14 this year.

Two of the four defendants crept into the van, as the other two waited in a stolen Ford Fiesta parked nearby, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Summarising the facts of the case, Judge Graham Reeds QC said: "Bradley Jenkins you were driving a stolen car in which the other three of you were passengers. You were driving around looking for something valuable to steal.

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Michael Daley
Michael Daley

"Connor Hadi, you were equiped with a kit to be used to steal whatever you came across, which included a crowbar, bolt cutters and a mask.

"All of you were involved in the audacious attempt to steal a valuable television from a delivery van.

"This was as close to the full offence of stealing as it's possible to be. You were only stopped when the driver went into the back.

L-R: Bradley Jenkins; Michael Daley and Connor Hadi

"In order to get away you, Bradley Jenkins, drove dangerously. You had no insurance, and no license."

The dangerous police chase through the Manor Estate saw Jenkins drive over an area of public grassland and mount the pavement.

The chase only came to an end when a police officer took what Judge Reeds described as the 'radical decision' to put a police vehicle in the path of Jenkins' stolen vehicle and cause a collision.

All four defendants exited the vehicle soon after the collision in an attempt to flee the scene, but were caught nearby.

Connor Hadi

Following a search of the vehicle, Hadi's assortment of items to assist with stealing were found in the footwell of the passenger seat where he was sitting.

A knife was also found in the vehicle, and another knife thrown out of the window by Hadi was also recovered.

Jenkins, of Pollard Crescent, Southey Green pleaded guilty to offences including attempted theft, aggravated vehicle taking, going equipped, possession of a bladed article in public place, dangerous driving, no insurance, and driving otherwise in accordance with a drivers' licence.

Bradley Jenkins

Daley, of Greenland Drive, Greenland, Hadi, of Tollbar Avenue, Gleadless and Hopkinson, of St Mary Road, Woodthorpe all pleaded guilty to attempted theft, aggravated vehicle taking, going equipped and possession of a bladed article in public place in a public place.

Prosecutor, Michael Tooley told the court that Hadi and Daley both have previous convictions for possession of a knife, which means the mandatory minimum sentence provision of six months applies to them.

Judge Reeds jailed Jenkins for 66 weeks; Daley for 69 weeks; Hadi for 70 weeks and sentenced Hopkinson to a nine-month community order and to a curfew for the same period of time.

He said he had decided not to jail Hopkinson because he believed there was a 'chance' he could be rehabilitated, because he had far fewer previous convictions than his three co-accused.