These are the 23 Sheffield streets that got burgled the most over summer 2019

Burglaries often spike over summer when families are away on holiday.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 1:26 pm
Sheffield most burgled houses summer

According to police data released for June, July and August 2019, these are the streets in Sheffield that saw the highest number of burglaries.

This central Sheffield street saw nine burglaries over June, July and August, making it the most burgled street over summer 2019.
Watersmeet Road was the second most burgled street in Sheffield over the summer months, with six burglary incidents in total.

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Walton Road saw five burglaries over summer.
The commercial Penistone road also saw five burglaries over summer 2019.
The bustling Ecclesall Road, popular for restaurants and bars, had four incidents of burglary in total over June, July and August.
Four burglaries also occurred on Egerton Street over summer of this year.
Cemetery Avenue saw four burglaries during June, July and August this year.
The backstreet, Proctor Place, was another area that saw burglaries over the summer, with four incidents recorded in total.
Mulehouse Road, a residential street, also saw four burglary incidents over summer.
Three burglaries were recorded on Western Road, another residential area.
Police were called to three burglaries on Wood Street over summer.
Highnam Crescent Road similarly saw three burglaries in June, July and August.
The commercial street Charlotte Lane was the site of three burglaries.
Another commercial area popular for bars and cafes, Kelham Island properties were unfortunately burgled three times over the summer.
Barber Place was also burgled several times over summer.
Over June, July and August, Brick Street suffered three burglaries.
On York Street, residents were also victim to three burglaries over summer.
Sawdon Road saw several burglaries over summer.
In the Sharrow area of Sheffield, residents on Khartoum Road were victim to three burglaries.
Leopold Street was another area with three recorded burglaries over summer.
Nearby to Endcliffe Park, police were called to three burglaries on Endcliffe Rise Road in total over June, July and August.
Carwell Lane also saw three burglaries over the summer.
Brighton Terrace Road, in Crookes, was hit by three burglaries over June, July and August.