The Sheffield roads where most drivers are caught speeding by police, including A61 and A57 Sheffield Parkway

Drivers were caught by police speeding through South Yorkshire more than 85,000 times last year, new figures show.

The Star can reveal the Sheffield roads on which the most motorists were caught speeding, including one where drivers were clocked exceeding the limit nearly 2,400 times during 2022.

South Yorkshire Police responded to a Freedom of Information request by The Star asking how many ‘notices of intended prosecution’ they sent to drivers caught speeding on roads across the county. There were 85,358 issued last year, up from 67,255 in 2021, 70,297 in 2020, and 76,821 in 2019. The force also listed the 10 roads within Sheffield on which the most such notices where issued to drivers breaking the speed limit.

While these notices themselves are not technically fines, motorists receiving them will usually subsequently receive a conditional offer of a fixed penalty £100 fine and have three penalty points added to their licence. Those who fail to respond or who are clocked travelling at a particularly high speed will be referred to court, where they can be fined up to £2,500 and disqualified from driving.

South Yorkshire Police said it was unable to say how much had been paid in total, with the revenue from fines payable through the courts system to HM Treasury. It said the police only receive costs to enforce the speed limit.

Below are the roads in Sheffield on which the most notices were issued by police to drivers caught speeding during 2022. The photos used are for illustrative purposes only.