The 19 worst Sheffield neighbourhoods for anti-social behaviour in 2023, according to police figures

Official figures show which 19 neighbourhoods of Sheffield recorded the most anti-social behaviour in 2023

When it comes to anti-social behaviour, there are some parts of Sheffield that see more cases than others.

There are a number of crimes associated with anti-social behaviour (ASB), including those relating to fireworks, neighbours, alcohol, nuisance motorbikes or quad bikes or youth-related offences.

The latest South Yorkshire Police data has been used by Sheffield Local Insight to indicate the areas which show the the greatest number of reports of anti-social behaviour per person in each Sheffield neighbourhood.

The figures used every ASB offence recorded in Sheffield from December 2022 until November 2023.

These are the the Sheffield neighbourhoods with the most recorded ASB crimes, listed in descending order. All images are for illustrative purposes and do not represent a specific incident or location.

In each case, the number given is the number of reports of anti-social behaviour per 1,000 residents in the neighbourhood.