The 18 Sheffield neighbourhoods where figures suggest you are least likely to be burgled

Figures show the Sheffield neighbourhoods which had the fewest burglaries per head of population, and some may surprise you

Some areas of Sheffield see more reports of burglaries than others - and today we reveal those with the fewest break-ins.

We have used figures taken from Sheffield Council statistics which break down burglaries in the city into specific neighbourhoods.

The Star has taken those figures and created a gallery showing the parts of the city that they suggest have the fewest break-ins, suggesting you are less likely to be burgled there.

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The figures relate to a 12 month period from March 2023 to February 2024.

And they are divided up into neighbourhoods in the council figures, which are based on where the reported burglaries occurred.

We have listed the the 18 neighbourhoods in the city with the fewest burglaries in the gallery below, with the largest number of burglaries top, and the area with the fewest listed last.

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