The 15 Sheffield streets where victims have been stabbed in terrifying attacks this year

Police officers could be handed more powers to tackle knife crime in a bid to save lives.

By Claire Lewis
Wednesday, 30th September 2020, 9:07 am

If approved, police officers would have the right to stop and challenge those known to carry knives at any time.

They would no longer need to suspect those stopped of being armed.

The idea is out for public consulation.

The Home Office said: “Every knife crime is a tragedy, and any victim is one too many.

“The government is taking action on every level to cut crime and make our streets safer, but we know there is much more to do to protect the public and end the scourge of serious violence.

“To save lives and prevent injury we must stop serious violence from happening in the first place. Too many people who carry knives and weapons go on to offend time and time again.

“Our determination to break this deadly cycle of persistent offending led to our manifesto commitment to introduce Serious Violence Reduction Orders.”

The statement continues: “Front line police have long told us that stop and search is a vital tool to crack down on violent crime; it acts as a deterrent and helps keep knives and weapons off our streets.

"These SVROs would give the police personalised powers to target those already convicted of certain knife offences – giving them the automatic right to search those who pose the greatest risk.

“These searches could take place without suspicion so that these known criminals could be stopped at any time.

“SVROs would empower the police to stop and challenge those who are known to carry knives. They will help to keep communities safer by giving officers a tool to help tackle the most dangerous offenders. The government hopes that they will also help the police more effectively target their approach.

“We are consulting on the design of SVROs and welcome views on how we can ensure these important tools are used appropriately.

“Anyone with an interest in this important issue is invited to contribute, including those involved in law enforcement, victims of knife crime and their families.

“This consultation will help inform our next steps in the fight against serious violence and we look forward to hearing from you.”

Here are details of a number of stabbings in Sheffield this year.

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