Text ‘celebrated’ Simon Holdsworth Sheffield murder

The scene were Simon Holdsworth's body was discovered
The scene were Simon Holdsworth's body was discovered
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A Sheffield man accused of murdering colleague Simon Holdsworth told police a different co-worker had sent a celebratory text message about the death.

A jury at Teesside Crown Court heard yesterday that Shaun Wainwright gave an initial witness statement to police in which he claimed Simon ‘did not get on’ with one of their fellow workers at FBS Prestige, a man called Mark Denton.

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Wainwright told police Mr Denton was the only person Simon disliked at the factory and said he had sent a text to other workers saying he was ‘glad’ Mr Holdsworth had died.

He told police: “I’m aware Mark Denton and Simon did not get on.

“If Denton had the opportunity he would always drop out a one-liner to Simon if he knew he had dropped a clanger.

“I have seen a text message sent from Denton.

It read ‘I’m glad that little ... is dead.

“Simon was well-liked by everyone except by Denton.”

He said he did not know the reason why the pair allegedly did not like each other.

Wainwright told police he worked night shifts but the morning after Simon’s death had gone into work as he had left his wallet there.

He said when he got to work at about 9.45am, there was a crowd of people in the car park who said Simon had not got home the night before and police had cordoned off the school playing fields.

Wainwright said he volunteered to go and see what was going on at the school.

He said he asked police officers at the scene what had happened but they would not tell him anything.

But he said he then overheard two people saying a body of a man had been found.

Wainwright said he told a co-worker the police would not say anything but left out details of the overheard conversation as he did not want to upset him.

He said he then went fishing and only heard Simon’s death had been confirmed when he returned to work the following day as he did not read newspapers or listen to or watch the news.