Suspension for history teacher who texted pupil

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A TEACHER has been suspended from working for a year after sending ‘sexually motivated’ emails and text messages to a girl at his school.

Christopher Suter was found guilty of ‘unacceptable professional conduct’ by the Teaching Council’s Professional Conduct Committee for sending the messages while he worked as a history teacher at Valley School, inWorksop.

Mr Suter, who worked at the school between September 1992 and December 2010, was found out when the girl, referred to only as Pupil G, told a staff member the teacher had been sending emails.

An investigation was launched and the messages were found. Some ended with an ‘x’.

A disciplinary committee said the emails had become ‘increasingly intimate’. Mr Suter admitted sending them and accepted he had failed to maintain appropriate boundaries, but denied he had acted through sexual motivation.

He claimed the ‘x’ was a sign of support for the girl’s Christian faith, rather than a kiss – but his explanation was dismissed.

Committee chairman Wayne Jones said: “We have noted Mr Suter refers to himself as an atheist and therefore it would seem inconsistent for him to use a form of religious symbolism.

“We have decided that it is proven that the sending of such emails and text messages, when allied to the content of them, failed to maintain professional boundaries.”

In one email the teacher had told the girl, ‘I’ve missed those eyes’, and in another he said he had watched her while she walked away.