Support for dispersal order in Sheffield suburb

Insp. Ian Stubbs
Insp. Ian Stubbs
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Police chiefs have received support for applying for new powers to split up groups of yobs congregating in a Sheffield suburb.

A ‘Dispersal Order’ has been introduced in Abbeydale following months of unrest.

Yobs are being repeatedly reported for hurling missiles at pedestrians and vehicles.

Gangs of youths congregating on the streets are also said to be intimidating local residents and using abusive language.

Earlier this year officers investigating the incidents said they had identified 29 youths involved in anti-social behaviour and that letters had been sent home to their parents alerting them to their behaviour.

On Bonfire night out of control youths threw bottles, bricks and fireworks at vehicles and set up a barricade across Abbeydale Road.

Councillor Qurban Hussain, who represents the Abbeydale area, said: “I think it will really help with the behaviour of the youths.

“I don’t think Abbeydale is any different to any other area of the city really. The problem is young people being out late at night.

“I have seen young people myself out on the streets at 11pm and what happens is that one person gets involved in something they shouldn’t and others see what they are doing and follow suit.

“Parents need to accept responsibility for their children - they need to make sure they are not out late at night.”

Resident Miroslav Baros said: “Fantastic news. It should become permanent.”

Kathleen Doretta Troughton added: “It’s about time. Hope this works.”

Inspector Ian Stubbs said: “We can now disperse groups of two or more people who we believe are involved or likely to be involved in anti-social behaviour.”