‘Suicide Squad’ jailed after violent attack on Sheffield Wednesday fans

Burnley yobs who attacked Sheffield Wednesday fans
Burnley yobs who attacked Sheffield Wednesday fans
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A notorious gang of football hooligans has been jailed for a total of more than 20 years after attacking a group of Sheffield Wednesday fans.

Owls supporters gathered after a match at Burnley Miners’ Club to commemorate the birthday of one of the group’s sons, who had died the previous year.

Trouble flared when they were targeted by a gang of Burnley FC hooligans dubbed the ‘Suicide Squad’ on January 18, 2014, after Wednesday had drawn 1-1 with Burnley in a Championship clash.

Chairs, tables and glasses were thrown and at least two people were injured in the brawl which followed. Furniture was broken and a window at the club was smashed.

The Burnley gang chanted ‘Su, Su, Su’ as they took control of the building, leaving a wheelchair-bound man with a leg injury and an 11-year-old boy with a head wound.

Preston Crown Court heard the Owls fans had initially fought back, with CCTV showing at least one glass thrown and one fan arming himself with a chair.

Chief Supt Chris Bithell of Lancashire Police said: “The behaviour of all those involved in the disorder was disgraceful and completely unacceptable.

“While the vast majority of those who attended the fixture behaved responsibly, it is entirely regrettable that a small number of people chose to act in such a mindless fashion after the match.

“The sentences serve as a warning to anyone who thinks they can engage in violent disorder at football fixtures and get away with it.”

The chaos was only halted when police got between the two groups of fans.

On Monday, 20 men and a 17-year-old boy were sentenced for violent disorder at Preston Crown Court.

Nineteen of the men and the boy were jailed for between five and 22 months. The final defendant was ordered to carry out unpaid work.

Burnley FC said all 21 of the convicted hooligans are now banned from the club for life following the violence.

Burnley chief executive Lee Hoos said: “It is our intention to give lifetime bans to all of those involved in this mindless act of violence.

“Naturally, we will cross-check our database and put these bans in place.

“These people are clearly not fans and there is no place for them at Burnley Football Club.”