Successful Sheffield police team's latest drugs bust takes value of cannabis seized so far to £6m

Another drugs bust by a successful Sheffield police team has taken the value of cannabis seized by its officers to £6m so far.

Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 1:20 pm

The Sheffield North West neighbourhood policing team recently searched a terraced house in Hillsborough and found £56,000 worth of dried cannabis ready for the streets.

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Officers used a battering ram to gain entry to the house and found that it had been used to cultivate cannabis, with the electrics bypassed.

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The Sheffield North West neighbourhood policing team has seized £6m worth of cannabis so far

Plants which had been cultivated on the first floor had already been cropped and the cannabis produced had been removed, but a £56,000 stash found drying on the second floor was seized.

The property was empty but the police team said there was “plenty of forensic evidence” in the drug den and officers are “close to finding” those behind the illegal operation.

The police team said: “A great result. Another day and it (the cannabis) would be on the street. Property made safe. Enquiries continue and an arrest will follow soon. We have a name.”

The Sheffield North West neighbourhood policing team has seized £6m worth of cannabis so far

Sergeant Simon Kirkham said “We spend much time engaging with community groups and residents. Some report concerns about organised cannabis grows and its sometimes about the anti-social aspects such as smell, electrical issues, arguments and visitors but also worries about fire risks as they nearly all tend to have dangerous electrical bypasses.

“Your team have imprisoned 10 cannabis growers and recovered over £6 million pounds worth of cannabis much of it in Hillsborough. We listen. We act.”

In a warning to landlords, he added: “We are looking at the accountability of those that rent out properties especially addresses that have been cannabis grows before.”